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  • The Guide to Wooden Boats "Schooners, Ketches, Cutters, Sloops, Yawls, Cats"

    por Bray, Maynard

    W. W. Norton & Company (dic. 31, 2010)


    • ISBN: 978-0-393-33806-5
    • Páginas: 171
    • Publicación: 2010

    First published in 1996, this classic pictorial tour of wooden boats showcases a rich collection of images by Benjamin Mendlowitz, the preeminent photographer of wooden boats. The result is a stunning guide to sailboats and ...

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  • The romance of tall ships

    por Eastland, Jonathan

    Greenwich Editions (dic. 31, 1999)


    • ISBN: 978-0-86288-267-9
    • Páginas: 96
    • Publicación: 1999

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  • Sailing fascination

    por Hecht, Heinrich y Schack, Hans-Harald

    Schiffer Publishing (dic. 31, 2012)


    • ISBN: 978-0-7643-4268-4
    • Páginas: 264
    • Publicación: 2012

    America's Cup races, regattas around the world, and Olympic sailing competitions are the classic yachting events where the most picturesque sailing takes place. This broad spectrum of yachting fascinates versatile professional photographer Heinrich Hecht. Over ...

    pvp.65,00 €

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  • Tall Ships Today "Their remarkable story"

    por Rowe, Nigel

    Adlard Coles Nautical (sept. 1, 2014)


    • ISBN: 978-1-4729-0346-4
    • Páginas: 224
    • Publicación: 2014

    Tall ships epitomize the glamour, majesty and romance of the sea. This book - supported and endorsed by Sail Training International - is a celebration of tall ships today, shining a spotlight on the world's ...

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  • L'Atlantique. Queen of the South Atlantic

    por Streater, Les

    The History Press (dic. 31, 2005)


    • ISBN: 978-0-7524-2837-6
    • Páginas: 120
    • Publicación: 2005

    L'Atlantique, a luxury liner, was launched in 1931, and by 1933 the vessel had caught fire in the English Channel and was scrapped. This is the story of this ill-fated ship, told in detail and ...

    pvp.29,90 €

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  • Great classic sailing ships

    por Giggal, Kenneth

    Bounty (dic. 31, 2013)


    • ISBN: 978-0-7537-2434-7
    • Páginas: 128
    • Publicación: 2013

    Written with the layman in mind, this book introduces the history of sail, and gives a concise description of 40 of the most important sailing ships of the past, mainly from the period between the ...

    pvp.14,00 €

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