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  • A Century of Sea Travel. Personal accounts from the Steamship Era

    por Deakes, Christopher

    Seaforth Publishing (dic. 31, 2010)


    • ISBN: 978-1-84832-081-9
    • Páginas: 192
    • Publicación: 2010

    This book is a voyage through the life of the passenger steamship, a voyage described by travellers who sailed on these vessels, and it carries within it their thoughts and experiences, mirrored here in words ...

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  • Twilight on the Lighthouses

    por Gibbs, ""Shipwreck Jim""

    Schiffer Publishing (dic. 31, 1996)


    • ISBN: 978-0-88740-930-1
    • Páginas: 152
    • Publicación: 1996

    Reflections: Early Navigational Aids. Contrasts: Cape Flattery & Point Loma Lighthouses. Along the Washington Coast. Around Puget Sound & the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Oregon Lighthouses. Northern California Lighthouses. Southern California Lighthouses. Bibliography.

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  • Sailing Vessels in the Authenti Early Nineteenth-Century Illustrations (""Sixty Five Plates of Shipping

    por Cooke, Edward William

    Dover Publications (dic. 31, 1989)


    • ISBN: 978-0-486-26141-6
    • Páginas: 65
    • Publicación: 1989

    This superb series of sixty-five etchings is one of the masterworks of maritime art, an authentic, richly atmospheric record of English ships and shipping in the early decades of the 19th century

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  • Great Ocean Liners. The Heyday of Luxury Travel

    por Dear, Ian

    B T Batsford (dic. 31, 1991)


    • ISBN: 978-0-7134-6026-1
    • Páginas: 160
    • Publicación: 1991

    Travel by Ocean Liner. Early Liners and Passenger Travel. Full Steam Power. Iron Hull and Screw Propeller. Early Shipping Lines. The P&O Line. The Cunard Line. The Inman and American Lines. Passengers and Emigrants. Steel ...

    pvp.26,35 €

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  • The Liner. Retrospective & Renaissance

    por Dawson, Philip

    Conway Maritime Press (dic. 31, 2005)


    • ISBN: 978-0-85177-938-6
    • Páginas: 256
    • Publicación: 2005

    Full history of the liner from the end of the nineteenth century, including full listings of the vessels, their dates, voyages and fates. Out of that Preposterous Box. The Wonderment of the Victorian Era. The ...

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  • Transatlantic Liners in Picture Postcards

    por Mcdougall, Robert

    Ian Allan (dic. 31, 2004)


    • ISBN: 978-0-7110-3026-8
    • Páginas: 181
    • Publicación: 2004

    The authors, both wxperts on the subject of the history of transatlantic shipping, have co-operated to produce this pictorial tribute to the golden age of travel. Drawing upon Mc Dougall's extensive collection of historic postcards ...

    pvp.36,00 €

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  • Swan Hunter. Glory Days

    por Williams, David L.

    Ian Allan (dic. 31, 2008)


    • ISBN: 978-0-7110-3266-8
    • Páginas: 96
    • Publicación: 2008

    IntroductionOrigins and FoundationA Glorious StartProudly Serving the Nation's Cause (I)Pride at its Peak - Shipbuilder to the WorldProudly Serving the Nation's Cause (II)Post-War OptimisimFrom a New Company to Nationalisation - A Period of Thwarted EnterprisePrivatisation ...

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  • Lighthouses of the Mid-Atlantic Coast. Your Guide to the Lighthouses of New York, New Jersey, Maryland,

    por Dewire, Elino

    MBI (dic. 31, 2011)


    • ISBN: 978-0-7603-3951-0
    • Páginas: 160
    • Publicación: 2011

    This gorgeously illustrated book shares the history and preservation of the most beloved lighthouses of the Mid-Atlantic coast. Learn about the original construction and architecture of these landark structures. Meet the colorful characters who served ...

    pvp.25,50 €

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  • Keep Your Glow On. A Comprehensive Guide to America's Lighthouses

    por Brewer, Wendy

    Schiffer Publishing (dic. 31, 2011)


    • ISBN: 978-0-7643-3704-8
    • Páginas: 176
    • Publicación: 2011

    This unique reference guide covers all 822 lighthouses in the United States in a detailed list, including where each lighthouse is located, when it was first lit, height and type, focal plane, the body of ...

    pvp.48,00 €

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