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  • Modern Marine Engineer's Manual. Volume II

    por Hunt, Everett C.

    Cornell Maritime Press (dic. 31, 2002)


    • ISBN: 978-0-87033-537-2
    • Páginas: 966
    • Publicación: 2002

    Marine Diesel EnginesEngine DescriptionsMarine Refrigerations SystemsHeating, Ventilation, and Air-ConditioningCryogenic Cargo SystemsHull MachineryMarine Electrical SystemsElectrical MachineryShipboard Central Operations SystemsShipboard Vibration AnalysisInert Gas Systems and Crude Oil Washing MachineryCoal Burning TechnologyWaste Disposal SystemsPropellers and PropulsionMachinery Tests and ...

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  • Merchant Marine Officer's Handbook

    por Hayler, William

    Cornell Maritime Press (dic. 31, 1989)


    • ISBN: 978-0-87033-379-8
    • Páginas: 574
    • Publicación: 1989

    For more than forty-five years the Merchant Marine Officer's Handbook has been the bible to which the young deck officer could turn for advice.

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  • Watchstanding Guide for the Merchant Officer

    por Meurn, Robert J.

    Cornell Maritime Press (dic. 31, 2008)


    • ISBN: 978-0-87033-409-2
    • Páginas: 216
    • Publicación: 2008

    On a merchant ship it is the watch officer who truly feels the full weight of responsibility for the safety of the vessel. This book not only helps a new watch officer shoulder that responsibility, ...

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  • Modern Marine Engineer's Manual. Volume I

    por Osbourne, Alan

    Cornell Maritime Press (dic. 31, 1999)


    • ISBN: 978-0-87033-496-2
    • Páginas: 0
    • Publicación: 1999

    Safety and first aid. Engineering materials. Pipe, fittings and packing. Lubrication. Bearings and shafting. Pumps. Thermodynamics. Combustion. Marine gas turbines. Boilers. Boiler operation and maintenance. Condensers, feedwater systems and evaporators. Marine steam turbines. Reciprocating engines. ...

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  • The Business of Shipping

    por Kendall, Lane C

    Cornell Maritime Press (dic. 31, 2008)


    • ISBN: 978-0-87033-580-8
    • Páginas: 434
    • Publicación: 2008

    The topics covered include trap shipping, liner service, the passenger cruise business, terminal operations, ship supply, and bunkering procedures, company organization, the management of tankers, including chemical carriers and liquefied gas transporters.CONTENTS:The Significance of Marine ...

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  • Dictionary of Maritime and Transportation Terms

    por Monroe, Jeffrey W.

    Cornell Maritime Press (dic. 31, 2005)


    • ISBN: 978-0-87033-569-3
    • Páginas: 430
    • Publicación: 2005

    Diccionario inglés-inglés de términos de transporte marítimo

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  • ASD Tugs: Thrust and Azimuth. Learning to drive a Z-drive

    por Slesinger, Jeff

    Cornell Maritime Press (dic. 31, 2010)


    • ISBN: 978-0-87033-617-1
    • Páginas: 176
    • Publicación: 2010

    An Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) tug boat is a high-performance vessel that is responsive, quick to maneuver, and extremely powerful. This workbook is designed to facilitate learning, through both intellectual and hands-on presentations. It teaches ...

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  • Lights, Shapes, and Signals for the Merchant Mariner. A Flash Card Study Guide

    por Green, D.

    Cornell Maritime Press (dic. 31, 2012)


    • ISBN: 978-0-87033-628-7
    • Páginas: 670
    • Publicación: 2012

    This book was designed to aid mariners who may be studying for their entry-level credentials in both licensed and unlicensed deck ratings; for persons studying for six-pack/OUPV licenses, charter vessel operators, etc.; and for mariners ...

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