Wooden Boat Renovation: New Life for Old Boats Using Modern Methods.

por Trefethen, Jim

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  • Editorial: McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 978-0-07-065239-2
  • Páginas: 302
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  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Fecha de la edición: 1993

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This book is about fixing up old boats made of wood. For many people, a boat isn't a boat unless it's made of wood. The psychological and philosophical reasons for needing to own a boat made from honest trees instead of the material that L. Francis Herreshoff characterized as "frozen snot" needn't concern us. But in this day and age, hard-nosed economics and the ubiquitous bottom line certainly should. FACT: You can buy a repairable wooden boat and renovate and remodel it for a lot less money than you can buy and renovate a plastic or metal of similar size and condition. Jim Trefethen has renovated dozens of good old wooden boats, and in this book he's sharing his collected wisdom, craftsmanship, and penury with you. It will supply you with the basic skills you'll need to successfully renovate an old wooden boat--any old wooden boat, from a 16-foot canoe to a 50-foot cruiser, and everything in between--provided the boat actually is repairable (and you'll learn how to determine that, too). After you've read Wooden Boat Renovation, we hope you come away knowing what is possible and how to accomplish it. Then we hope you actually do it. Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter One: Why Wood? Is Fiberglass Really Easier to Maintain? Fiberglass Boats Last Forever Wood Rots and Fiberglass Delaminates Wooden Boats Cost a Lot to Build Plastic Boats Have More Space Used Wooden Boats Cost Less Wooden Boats Are Real Boats Wooden Boats Are Traditional Boats Chapter Two: Selecting the Perfect Project Boat Attemptus Futilitus What Kind of Boat Do We Want? Where Can We Work? Let's Stop Planning and Start Looking Where Do We Look? What to Look For Narrowing the Field Negotiations The Offer to Purchase Get a Survey Financing Your Purchase So Let's Buy It Already Chapter Three: Work Schedule and Budget Planning with a Computer The Work Schedule The Project Budget Chapter Four: Something About Tools Buy the Best--You Deserve It Used Tools Are Good Tools Borrow if You Can, Rent if You Must Keep It Sharp The Basic Tool Kit The Tool Box Saws Chisels and Gouges Planes Measuring and Marking Tools Power Tools Circular Saws Bandsaws Planers Jointers The Drill Press Power Sanders Hand Drills Routers Chapter Five: Boatbuilding Woods Grades of Lumber Sawing and Drying Lumber Rain-Forest Woods Oak Teak Mahogany Cedar Cypress Sitka Spruce Douglas Fir Larch Plywood Marine Plywood The Affordable Alternative Veneers Chapter Six: Just for the Hull of It Defining Terms Hull Repairs Carvel Planking Strip Planking Lapstrake Planking Plywood Cold-Molded Hulls Chapter Seven: Hull Repairs Epoxy Hull Flexibility Refastening Frame Repairs Laminating Bent Frames Plank Repairs Spiling Carvel Planking Lapstrake Planks Strip Planking Plywood Fiberglassing Wooden Hulls Chapter Eight: All Hands on Deck Deck Leaks The Fiberglass Option Doing the Job Wooden Decks and Other Forms of Self-Flagellation Cabin Trunk and Deckhouse Spars and Rigging Chapter Nine: Internal Spaces The Tick-Stick Trick The Built-Up Bulkhead Interior Cabinetry Drawers Louvered Doors Sinks and Countertops Chapter Ten: Little Boats--Big Memories Works in Progress Renovating Runabouts Renovating Canvas-Covered Boats Renovating Lapstrake Boats Chapter Eleven: The Finishing Touch Surface Preparation Sandpaper Sanding New Work Sanding Old Work Varnish The Epoxy Undercoat Brushes for Varnish Applying Varnish Maintaining Varnish Polyurethane Paint Surface Preparation for Painting Epoxy Base Coat The Prime Coat Brushes for Paint Applying Paint Appendix A: Suggested Reading Appendix B: Sources of Supply Glossary

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