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  • Ship Stability

    Autor no determindado

    Dokmar Books (None)


    • ISBN: 978-90-71500-23-7
    • Páginas: 0

    Stability is a dificult concept to define. The idea of a stable character is readily grasped, although it is harder to put into words. The same applies to the notion of a stable ship, as ...

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  • Guia de las principales maderas y de su secado

    por Cigalat Figuerola, Enrique y Soler Burillo, Manuel

    Mundi-Prensa Libros, S.A. (dic. 31, 2003)


    • ISBN: 978-84-8476-149-5
    • Páginas: 542
    • Publicación: 2003

    La presente Guía de las principales maderas y de su secado es un magnífico ejemplo de un proceso de generación de conocimiento a partir de una excelente recopilación de información, fruto de muchas horas de ...

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  • Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge 3rd Ed

    por Ws1424k



    • ISBN: 978-1-85609-623-2
    • Páginas: 186
    • Publicación: 2014

    Intended for marine and electrical engineers, Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge provides up-to-date information on ships electrical systems to support the knowledge requirements of STCW at the management and operational levels, and will improve familiarity with ...

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  • Offshore Wind "A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Offshore Wind Farm Installation"

    por Thomsen, Kurt

    Elsevier (dic. 30, 2011)


    • ISBN: 978-0-12-385936-5
    • Páginas: 352
    • Publicación: 2011

    pvp.79,00 €

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  • Onshore and Offshore Wind Energy: An Introduction

    por Lynn, Paul A.

    Wiley (oct. 19, 2011)


    • ISBN: 978-0-470-97608-1
    • Páginas: 240
    • Publicación: 2011

    A highly accessible and authoritative account of wind energys scientific background, current technology, and international status, with an emphasis on large turbines and wind farms, both onshore and offshore.

    Topics covered include:

    a ...

    pvp.60,00 €

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  • Simple Boat Maintenance

    por Manley, Pat

    Wiley (dic. 31, 2005)


    • ISBN: 978-1-904475-02-6
    • Páginas: 160
    • Publicación: 2005

    This book welcomes you to the world of boat maintenance. Take this book in one hand, a spanner in the other and set to work.

    It concentrates on the 67 most common jobs. Each ...

    pvp.35,00 €

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  • Inspecting the aging sailboat

    por Casey, Don

    McGraw-Hill (dic. 31, 2005)


    • ISBN: 978-0-07-144545-0
    • Páginas: 141
    • Publicación: 2005

    Become an Expert Judge of Used Sailboats

    Step by step, the author of the bestselling This Old Boat shows you how to evaluate the condition of an older fiberglass sailboat'the one you own or ...

    pvp.15,50 €

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  • Fiberglass boat repairs illustrated

    por Marshall, Roger

    McGraw-Hill (dic. 31, 2010)


    • ISBN: 978-0-07-154992-9
    • Páginas: 184
    • Publicación: 2010

    If you don't have the experience of working with fiberglass, any repairs to your boat must be done by high-cost professionals or left undone. This entry-level guide uses full-color, step-by-step photo sequences and line drawings ...

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  • Boatbuilding with aluminium "a complete guide for the amateur and small shop"

    por Pollard, Stephen F.

    McGraw-Hill (dic. 31, 2006)


    • ISBN: 978-0-07-144318-0
    • Páginas: 320
    • Publicación: 2006

    Make your boat dreams come true with aluminum. Aluminum is the ideal boatbuilding material - light, economical, maintenance-free, and easy to work with. This second edition offers you everything you need to know about working ...

    pvp.49,00 €

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  • Sailboat refinishing

    por Casey, Don

    McGraw-Hill (dic. 31, 1996)


    • ISBN: 978-0-07-148658-3
    • Páginas: 141
    • Publicación: 1996

    Make your boat shine again

    No improvement to a tired-looking boat will have a more dramatic impact than refinishing, and few tasks are easier. Here is everything you need to achieve a fabulous finish ...

    pvp.19,90 €

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