Manifold Recommendations for Liquefied Gas Carriers

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Owing to the nature of their construction, certain types and sizes of liquefied gas carriers may be unable to comply with all the requirements of these recommendations. Where possible, the differences between ship design and these recommendations should be minimised. Notwithstanding the progress that has been made since 1979 to improve conformity in manifold arrangements it is recognised that many existeing ships and terminals should appreciate that this may lead to operational restrictions and the should be prepared to discuss thesedifferences before a ship is programmed to any berth for the first time. It is not suggested nor implied that hips contructed before publications of the document be altered. Although Ship to Ship (STS) transfer operations are carried out on a regular basis with LPG, LNS STS is a relatively recent development. Considerations are made witn this document to take into account the industry movment towards LNG STS and also to review gas experience with LPG STS.

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