Guide to Contingency Planning for the Gas Carrier Alongside and Within Port Limits, 2nd Ed

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  • Editorial: Witherby & Company
  • ISBN: 978-1-85609-173-2
  • Páginas: 34
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  • Idiomas: Castellano
  • Fecha de la edición: 1999


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This book helps the port authority that is operating liquefied gas terminals to develop or review their planning to minimise the possibility of accidents. It can also help to control the consequences of accidents that might occur while a gas tanker is within the port limits. This revised edition also takes account of chapter IX of SOLAS and the STCW Convention amendments of 1995. 1. Introduction 2. Ship in Transit to and from Berth 2.1 Accident Prevention in Transit 2.1.1 Port Authority 2.1.2 Terminal Management 2.1.3 Ship Management 2.2 Accident Control in Transit 2.2.1 Port Authority Emergency Control Centre The Emergency Plans 2.2.2 Terminal Management 2.2.3 Ship Management 3. Ship Alongside 3.1 Accident Prevention Alongside 3.1.1 Port Authority 3.1.2 Terminal 3.1.3 Ship Management 3.2 Accident Control Alongside 3.2.1 Port Authority 3.2.2 Terminal Management 3.2.3 Ship Management 4. Public Relations 5. Periodic Review Appendix 1 Characteristics of Liquefied Gas Cargoes and Carriers, with Particular Reference to Damage Resistance 1. Introduction 2. General Safety of Gas Carriers Operation 2.1 General 2.2 International Maritime Organisation Design And Construction Codes 3. Liquefied Gas Cargos 4. Gas Carrier Types 4.1 Fully Pressurised Ships 4.2 Refrigerated, Semi-Pressurised Ships 4.3 Fully Refrigerated Ships 4.4 LNG Carriers 5. Cargo Integrity in Collision or Grounding 5.1 General 5.2 Collision 5.3 Grounding Appendix II Accident Scenarios 1. Ship in Transit 1.1 Collision with Another Ship 1.2 Grounding of Gas Carrier 1.3 Gas Carrier Striking Objects 1.4 Fire on Board Gas Carriers in Transit 2. Ship Alongside 2.1 Ship Alongside 2.2 Spillage Resulting from Inadvertent Disconnection 2.3 Spillage Resulting From Overfilling or Piping Failure 2.4 Fire on Board Gas Carrier Alongside Appendix III Information on Liquefied Gas Firefighting and Spillage Control 1. General 2. Fire Extinguishing Agents 2.1 Dry Chemicals 2.2 Water 2.3 Foam 2.4 CO2 System 2.5 Halons (Halogenated Hydrocarbons) or Halons Substitutes 3. Procedures 3.1 Special Considerations 3.2 Training and Maintenance 3.2.1 Training 3.2.2 Maintenance Appendix IV References

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