Greece, sea guide Vol III "Vol III - Ionian Sea, Peloponnisos (except E coast)"

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  • Editorial: Eagle Ray
  • ISBN: 978-960-897-428-9
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  • Idiomas: Castellano

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EagleRay Publications was founded in 1990 by Nicholas D. Ilias, Commodore (rtd) of the Hellenic Navy, with the aim of providing nautical aids that ensure safety and comfort at sea. The company specialises in producing pilot books and charts for the Greek seas, all of which are made under the same philosophy. They bridge the technical information needed to navigate with the local knowledge to enjoy. Our publications are based on local knowledge that is mainly gathered from the fishermen and our own surveys. Every harbour is visited and charted by EagleRay before it's plan is published, ensuring that the navigational and tourist information on it is accurate and substantial.

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