ECDIS Passage Planning

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  • Fecha de la edición: 2014


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ECDIS Passage Planning provides clearly structured guidelines for safely carrying out voyage planning on electronic charts. Incorporating the fundamental components of passage planning while meeting the new challenges of using ECDIS as a planning tool, this book provides practical guidance to assist the navigator through the appraisal and planning stages. Published in full colour, ECDIS Passage Planning explains the process of using Electronic Chart Data Information Systems ECDIS while making sure that the fundamentals of the initial stages of passage planning, appraisal and planning, are complied with. Commencing from the preliminary research, information gathering and system set-up , the book describes a process that ensures details are not overlooked, common ECDIS problems are avoided and traditional navigational factors are fully considered. Clear illustrations and valuable concise commentary support the focus on the practical use of ECDIS, including its advantages and the pitfalls. Written by and for professional navigators, ECDIS Passage Planning enables a greater and more structured understanding of the systems, while providing a valuable well-explained check list of information that supports a consistent and considered approach. Written by and for professional navigators, ECDIS Passage Planning is a standalone publication comprising the new Section 2 of the 2nd Edition of Passage Planning Guidelines. Separated from the original publication, this text provides a specific focus on the application of electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) as a passage planning tool. Using clearly structured guidelines it builds on an assumed existing understanding of the accepted IMO based passage planning principles and develops a thorough understanding of the process when using ECDIS in practice. ECDIS provides new challenges to the bridge team due to the complexity and variety of different systems, and is compounded by the potential inconsistencies of training available. The publication is concentrated on the first two sections of the planning process, ie appraisal and planning, which are required before the ship commences a voyage. By using symbols and notes to draw attention to key points, the text explains how the navigator should make use of the system to prepare, assess, create and verify the plan with the bridge team kept fully in mind. In the same way as Passage Planning Guidelines, this publication does not define the rights or wrongs as to how the Master of any vessel conducts navigation of his own vessel, but serves as a reference and information document to assist those persons who may require clarification on certain aspects of passage planning.

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