Accident Prevention (IP no.4) The Use of Hoses and Hard-Arms at Marine Terminals Handling Liquefied Gas.

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Information Paper No.4. The basic data for this book, which was obtained from independent sources, was reviewed and extended by the SIGTTO membership. This process produced a book that reviews accidents at gas jetties and then describes safer handling practices. The book is aimed at terminal operators, however some of the information will also be useful to ship operators. Both accidents and near misses are covered, primarily within the LNG, LPG and chemical gas trades. The main aim of the book is to have information on the most well known events contained within a single publication. 1 Introduction 1.1 Preamble 1.2 Scope 2 Accident Summary 2.1 Findings 2.2 Suggested Procedures 3 The Hazards 4 Safe Berths, Mooring Systems & Operating Procedures 4.1 Ship Manoeuvres in Harbour Areas 4.2 Moorings and Ship Size Limits 4.3 Operations and Operational Procedures 5 Cargo Hose 5.1 Hose Specification 5.2 Hose Handling and Operation 5.3 Hose Inspection, Testing and Maintenance 5.4 Ships Hoses 5.5 Ship-to-Ship Transfer Operations 6 Hard-Arms (Loading Arms) 6.1 Hydraulic Analysis and Surge Pressures 6.2 Hard-Arm Specification 6.3 Hard-Arm Handling and Operation 6.4 Hard-Arm Maintenance 7 Emergency Shut-Down/Release 7.1 Small Terminals 7.2 Larger Terminals 7.3 Refrigerated Terminals 8 Pipelines 8.1 Surge Pressures 8.2 Pipeline Design and Maintenance 9 Analysis of Incidents 9.1 The Data-Base of Incidents 9.2 Frequency of Accidents or Near-miss Data 10 References Appendices A-1 Known accidents and near-miss data A-2 Terminology and Descriptive Definitions A-3 Recommendations for Terminals-Ship Break-out Index

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