Ballast water management "understanding the regulation and the various treatment technolog"

por Anwar, Nadeem

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Updated to MEPC 61 (October 2010). Every day on literally every ship at sea as well as the cargo, millions of marine organisms are also being transported having been taken onboard when ships load ballast water. The World Wildlife Fund has estimated that, every hour, about 7.5 M lites or ballast water are released into US waters alone, and 10 Bn litres of ballast water a year are transferred round the world
In February 2004, the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments was adopted, this book represents an up-to-date guide of the treatment types and details all the sytems with Basic or Final approval from IMO or Type Approval from Class.
List of Figures
Part One - Introduction & Background. Historical Occurrences of nonindigenous marine species being transported in ships' ballast water.
-The Issue in Recent Years
-The Ship as a Carrier
-Ballast Water Exchange - The First Measure to Reduce the Transfer of Invasive Aquatic Species.
Part Two - Regulations:
-The Ballast Water Management Convention
-Legislation from the United States
-Other Existing National or Local Ballast Water Management Legislation
-The Port State Authority
-Ballast Water Administration
Part Three - Guidance:
-Guidance on Ballasting
-Deposit and Exchange Facilities
Part Four - Treatment Systems & Operation:
-Introduction to Treatment Technologies
-Treatment Technologies - Physical Separation, Thermal, Ultraviolet and Plasma
-Treatment Technologies - Cavitation, Deoxygenation, Magnetic and Ultrasonic
-Treatment Technologies - Chemical, Biocide and Electrochemical
-Other Components Manufacturers use in Assambly of Ballast Water Treatment Systems
-Ballast Water Monitoring
-Technical Issues & Benefits
-Systems & Layouts
-Status of Systems - Basic/Final Approval at the IMO and those Type Approved (as at February 2011)
-Key Invasive Species
-Cholera (Vibrio cholerae) (various strains)
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