Anchor handling tug operations "a practical guide to the operation of modern anchor handling tug"

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  • Editorial: The ABR Company Limited
  • ISBN: 978-1-904050-21-6
  • Páginas: 270
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  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Fecha de la edición: 2012

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The aim of this book is to give an insight into the operation of Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels when engeged in anchor handling and towin operations. Is is aimed at the masters and officers who operate these vessels and at towmasters, rig movers, barge masters, tower foremen and shore-based personnel who utilise these vessels in their anchor handling and towing roles. CONTENTS: -Part One. Theory: - Chapter 1 AHTS power, thrusters, propulsion and steering - Chapter 2 The environment forces acting on an AHTS vessel - Chapter 3 Controlling and AHTS vessel's trusters and rudders - Chapter 4 The effect of a tow on AHTS vessel stability - Chapter 5 Case studies - Appendix to Part 1 Possible improvements to AHTS vessel safety -Part 2 Practice. Practical guidance during anchor handling and towing operations: - Chapter 1 Introduction - Chapter 2 Basic operational cautions - summary from Part 1 - Chapter 3 Summary of the key points of Part 2 - Chapter 4 The behavuiyr if AHTS class vessels when going astern - Chapter 5 Bollar pull certification - Chapter 6 Turning and manoeuvring modern anchor handling vessels - Chapter 7 The AHTS design and towing operations - Chapter 8 The dangers of vey high load during deep water anchor handling operations - Chapter 9 The dangers of high speed manoeuvring during lay barge operations - Chapter 10 Some operational characteristics og modern high powered AHTS type vessels - Chapter 11 Anchor handling loads - basic data required and how to use it - Chapter 12 Calculating anchor handling loads - Chapter 13 Guidelines on when to start, cease and re-evaluate the safety of an anchor handling operation - Chapter 14 Two-boat anchor deployment/recovery operations - management of risk - Chapter 15 'Load sharing' mooring operations - particular risks - Chapter 16 The responsabililties of personnel in charge of anchor handling and towing operations - Chapter 17 Instructions to towmasters and rig movers - Chapter 18 Ship knowledge and practical ship handling exercises - Chapter 19 Offshore construction operations -Appendices: - Rig move meeting pro-forma - Reference documents - Tugmaster Training - A view by Captain Terry Phillips -Further reading

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